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"This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I had been eyeing a few desktop apps but this app provides all the features I need in a cheaper, convenient, portable app- even better! I love how easy it is to make patterns and export them, even including the number of skeins needed in the export is so helpful."
By reydiant on the App Store

"The best app for anyone that likes cross stitch. I’ve saved so much money on buying patterns and it’s also so much fun to be able to design my own. Love it. I never spend money on apps but this one was definitely worth it."
By TJ_172940 on the App Store

"I can’t overstate my love for Stitchly. Every time I don’t see it on a top 10 softwares for cross stitch I’m shook. I‘be been making and selling patterns for 5 years and have tried 3 other programs but Stitchly’s aesthetics, simplicity, and constant feature updates make it my number one favorite of all time."
By Nic806 on the App Store

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