How to sell your cross stitch patterns

Etsy is a great place to sell your cross stitch patterns. This guide explains how to use the Stitchly app to generate professional PDFs that can then be uploaded to your Etsy store, ready for sale.

Step 1: Export as a PDF

Once you’ve finished a design, export it as a PDF.

sell your cross stitch patterns

Step 2: Add your store details

On the export screen, press Settings > Store Details to add your store details to the PDF.

You can add:

  • Your store logo
  • Your store name
  • Your website
  • A copyright notice

sell patterns step 2

Step 3: Upload the PDF to your store

Finally, upload the PDF to your Etsy store and you’re all done.

Pro tip 🤓

When it comes to selling patterns, it can really help to focus on a particular theme (or niche).

For example, you might exclusively create patterns of animals. Or you could even be more specific than that and only create patterns of cats or dogs.

Focusing on a particular theme can help to:

  • Be discovered more easily
  • Stand out from other sellers
  • Increase your sales

Not sure what theme to choose? The best way to decide is to choose something that you enjoy!

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